Reviews about Flatazor feed for cats

Choosing what is best to buy for your cat as a full-nutritional food, we advise you to pay your attention to the Flatazor cat food produced in France itself. Sopral S.A. took care of cats and dogs. Under this French brand, a complete gamut of animal feed is produced, both healthy and with any deviations. Having vast experience in the production of animal nutrition for more than 50 years, the company uses an innovative approach to solving any problems, which ensures impeccable product quality.

Flatazor cat food is distinguished by the fact that it is manufactured (both it and its packaging) with the latest equipment, which ensures the most optimal heat treatment of the resulting product, due to which all nutrients are stored.

Advantages of Flatazor cat food:

  • It contains a lot of necessary substances, including:

- poultry meat,

- Brewer's yeast,

- fructooligosaccharides,

- natural additives (organolysates),

- hypoallergenic ingredients,

- phytoactive components

- acids: folic, pantothenic,

- B vitamins,

- taurine, yucca, methionine ...

  • The composition is missing soy and corn;
  • From his admission, cats feel better: their condition of coat and appearance, as well as of internal organs (digestion, urination) improves. Such a positive effect of the French product is evidenced by numerous reviews of Flatazor cat food, as well as reviews by veterinarians.

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  • Low prevalence of feed in accessible places,
  • Quite a high cost (the price for a 3-kg pack of feed is from 1000 rubles in Moscow or 250 hryvnias in Kiev).

So, if you are still wondering if you should give this food to your cat, then pay attention to the reviews about Flatazor cat food, which are very positive. If you have experience feeding a cat with this food, share with us in the comments.

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